WATCH: Tim Sutton on the sorcery of MEMPHIS at Sundance London


Tim Sutton is a director who likes doing things differently. Memphis, about a struggling musician at an artistic and spiritual crossroads, has a rambling architecture and poetic lyricism that is never less than beguiling, though admittedly not for everyone. It’s a form-pushing, experimental work that challenges its audience to throw away what we know of films about musicians, by daring us to think differently about what we’re watching by feeling it. The film’s impressionistic audio/visual syntax puts it firmly in the realm of vaporous mood piece, its narrative rhythm slowly but surely stumbling across the profound. Like the works of masters Tarkovsky and Antonioni, Memphis may not demand your patience but it certainly requires it, and for those who have that virtue, it’s a film that continually rewards.

In a bumper 45 minute interview, I spoke to director Tim Sutton about crafting one of  the boldest, most orignial films of the year.

Read my full review here.

First published by Vérité Film Magazine on April 25, 2014

Be sure to adjust your youtube settings to watch the video in 720p.


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